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Crystal Companion: Quartz

Guided Meditations - Crystal Reference
Techniques and Tutorials

Welcome to the Crystal Companion App - Quartz - The first in a series of crystal therapy apps designed with guided meditations and information on the healing energy of Quartz crystal. Using the power of crystals and their ability to balance and stabilize us, this app will assist your meditation practice in the release of unwanted energies and bring re-alignment to your body and environment.

Whether you are new to working with crystals or not, this app is a wonderful way to work with the combination of meditation practice and the power of crystals and their healing properties.

It provides you with guided instructions on how to purchase, care for, cleanse and use your crystals in a harmonious way to support you and your living spaces. Included in this app are:

12 Guided meditations including: Space Clearing, Crystal Breathing, Mental Body Cleansing, Positive Affirmations, Developing Your Intuition

3 Instructional tracks to help you get the most from your crystals in an easy to follow form - including How to Make Gem Essences.

This app will be available to download in April 2012. Register now, so we can let you know when it becomes available and you will also get a special launch offer discount!


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