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iRelax Guided Meditation

For Apple iOS and Android devices

Relax, unwind and be at your very best with our Guided Meditation series of iRelax Apps and downloads.

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Music for Meditation

Orb Meditation: Series 1

Sample and download high quality audio tracks especially designed for your meditation practice.

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Crystal Companion Reference and Tutorials

Coming soon for Apple iOS and Android

Encyclopedic reference for crystals. Learn how to use crystals to treat everyday health issues and harness their energy to full effect.

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Our apps and downloads are valuable tools you can use in your everyday life to conquer the effects of stress and anxiety and help you reach your health and wellbeing goals.

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We are all life-long learners. and we believe in providing easy to use and informative learning apps and downloads for adults and children alike to reach their full potential

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Over the course of 2012, the Orange Orb website will become a hub of conversation, knowledge and learning for holistic therapy and health topics. Find out how you can keep informed and take part.

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Orange Orb: For all things Creative, Inspiring and Healing


Apps for Apple iOS devices - iPhone, iPod and and also apps for Android and the Kindle Fire. Browse our apps section to explore.


MP3 Meditation and relaxation downloads are available from our store. Listen to samples of our downloads.

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All our apps and products come with online support. We're here to help you out and answer any questions you have.

Voted Best Apps of 2012

Sunday Times App List 2012

We are proud to learn that our Quit Smoking Now app featuring Max Kirsten has been included in the 2012 Best Apps in the World list by the UK Sunday Times.

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Tawharanui Lanscape

Free Download For June
Journey - Gentle atmospheres, melodic instrumentation, vocal and rhythmic compositions, Ethnic instruments and vocal mantras.

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Hypnotherapy Apps

We produce a series of Clinical Hypnotherapy apps by the UK's leading hypnotherapist, Max Kirsten. So if you are looking to quit smoking, lose weight or even conquer insomnia and stress disorders, there's an app to help you succeed.

Visit for a full list of apps or browse the iTunes App Store.

Max Kirsten Apps
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